That’ll be me.

A computer geek who accidentally stumbled upon photography a couple of years ago.
Deeply fascinated by the English language, I try to keep this blog running bi-lingual to make it accessible to as many people as possible.
Telling from the website stats, the blog itself is more or less useless – chances are you came across this website because of one thing: wallpapers.
Well, I don’t mind as long as you like my pictures.

Something that sums my personality up quite nicely would be the outcome of the ipersonic.com test I took some while ago:


  • still live where I grew up – in Zeiselmauer, a small village close to the Danube
  • started playing guitar in 2009 – something I wanted to do for a very long time
  • am fascinated by nature, thunderstorms and lightning in particular
  • like TV-Shows (Firefly, Scrubs, Top Gear, LOST, Gilmore Girls)
  • enjoy foreign Radio like Vancouvers’ “The Peak” and our own “FM4”
  • love Indie-movies like Garden State, Juno, Little Miss Sunshine – the lot 🙂
  • would stand in line for hours to see Nine Inch Nails again and again and again
  • drive a Madza Demio on which I can transport my bright yellow kayak
  • became a Redditor after the Digg catastrophy
  • fight for freedom of speech and for a free Internet anonymously
  • occasionally record videos and release them on YouTube
  • am an advocate of cannabis legalization
    …and a total sucker for Stephen Kings older books, The Long Walk in particular, which I have read more than 20 times


  • hopefully enjoy some of the blog entries and some of the pictures in particular
  • are very welcome to leave a comment, good or bad is equally fine
  • can get in touch with me via eMail (andy at andreasmayer dot at)

All pictures on the “wallpapers” page are licensed under “creative commons”.
See the link below for details.
creative commons license

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